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Medipal is easy to use but sometimes you may need help to get started. Please start by reading through the instructions here on our website for how to install and register Medipal on your mobile phone.

Beneath Frequently Asked Questions (FQA) you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Medipal.

Have you other questions or does Medipal still not work as intended? Please contact our support department either by sending an e-mail through the form below or by calling us. We are happy to help!

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+46 (0)707-25 05 75

Opening hours

Ordinary weekdays kl 9:00-17:00 CET.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient or User

Can I use Medipal on my mobile phone?

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can use Medipal..

How much is my cost to use Medipal?
There is no costs for Medipal
Does Medipal work abroad?
Yes! However, there may be an added cost if you have “data roaming” on if you are outside the EU. If you’re wondering what the cost is, call your mobile operator and ask how much “data traffic” costs between Sweden and the country you’re going to visit.

If the answers cannot be submitted because you do not have mobile coverage, they will be stored on your phone and will be sent the next time you respond to questions and transfer is possible.

What happens if my mobile doesn't have coverage?
The answers are saved in your phone and sent the next time you have coverage. If you have a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android phone, you can go into “my registrations” and see if you have a registration that is not sent.
Who has access to the answers of my questions?
Medipal uses secure (encrypted) communication for all information sent from your mobile.

The answers can only be seen by qualified health professionals and technical staff from Medipal AB, all of whom are bound to secrecy.

What should I do if my phone calls or I receive text messages while answering questions in Medipal?
You take the call or read the SMS message. Then you just continue to answer the questions. If the questions were not left, find Medipal app on your mobile, start it and then answer the questions.
Technical problems

If you have a technical problem, please contact our support department. For us, all problems are important, then we can faster improve our product.

Health professionals or researchers

How do I log in as health professional?
Either with your official working ID or your Mobile BankID.

If you have not been registered as a qualified healthcare professional, please contact support.

I have forgotten my password. How to get a new one?
Contact our Support department and we will help you.
Technical problems
Contact our Support or contact directly your account manager from Medipal.

About Us

Medipal Solutions AB is a Swedish company and we are proud of the positive reception we have received from caregivers, researchers, patients and users. Since we started working closely with clinical activities and research in Sweden, we have constantly developed our product based on the high demands on safety, privacy and user friendliness that are placed on Swedish care suppliers.


10 years of experience

1:st mobile app at Karolinska University Hospital

In 2016, the Medipal App became the first mobile application that was approved for use in health care at Karolinska University Hospital. No other mobile application had before then been reviewed and accepted by both Karolinska University Hosptial E-health and IT-department and the Administrative Department.

How it started

The very idea of Medipal arose when there was a need to help a Parkinson patient to take his medicine at the right time. 2013 took Medipal AB over the product Medipal from Novatelligence AB and continued to develop it. In 2015, more than 1000 patients had registered in Medipal. In 2017, it increased to more than 2000 patients.

Consultation and Development

The tool is constantly being developed by a group of skilled programmers. We are committed to providing our customers with quick personal support when they need it. We also provide good advice on the choice of questions from Medipals Questionnaire Library, and ideas on how you can tailor questions in a relevant way. We have been able to grow by having long relationships with satisfied customers.

Our Mission

We want to help the health care with more effective treatment evaluations because over and over again we have seen benefits with what we do. For us, the greatest satisfaction is that we see that we contribute to increased wellbeing for patients and provide a tool that healthcare professionals and researchers like to use. We are driven by the need to improve the health care.

Positive reception by the Health care

We are proud of the positive reception we have received from health professionals, researchers, patients and users. Since we started working closely with clinical activities and research in Sweden, we are constantly developing and updating us to the developments in healthcare.

Medipal Solutions AB

Medipal Solutions AB is a Swedish innovative company, founded 2013, with offices located in Stockholm. We combine knowledge in Mobile information tools, technical and medical competence through many years of experience from follow-ups of patient via mobile telephony.