Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies. By using this website, you accept that we use cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website such as this. The text file contains data that the website can use when the visitor returns to the website. Medipal Solutions uses cookies to collect and use data from its visitors. Cookies do not contain personal information.

There are two different types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are only stored temporarily during the time you visit the website. Session cookies disappear when you log out of the website or close the browser. Session cookies are used to enable you to log in to our services.

Persistent cookies store a file on your computer for a certain period of time. The website uses persistent cookies to monitor your navigation on the website and collect statistical data. Some of these persistent cookies are third-party cookies from web analytics companies and other third parties to monitor your navigations on the website.

Third-party cookies are used to improve the website and there are several types of third-party cookies that we do not control the operation of.

Third Party Cookies
Our website contains several types of third-party cookies that we do not control the operation of. Third-party cookies that we may use are:

Google Analytics
To collect information about the use of the website. This information does not contain any personally identifiable information. Read Google privacy policy here

Google Tag Manager
A tag management system that helps Medipal Solutions use and control specific data that can be shared with other third-party tags. For users who visit other websites that have Google Tag Manager enabled, Google Tag Manager may create cookies to identify users and their sessions and reduce the data transfer rate. Read Google privacy policy here

Blocking of cookies
You can block cookies by activating a setting in your browser that allows you to block all cookies or some of them. If you choose a setting in your browser that blocks all cookies (including necessary cookies), you risk not being able to access all or parts of our website

This is a translation of the Swedish original wording. In case of discrepancies, the Swedish version shall prevail.

This Policy applies from 1 May 2018.