A healthcare app that contributes to person-centered care

Be part of influencing your own treatment!

Your answers are important

The 1:st officially approved mobile app at Karolinska University Hospital

The Medipal App is easily downloaded by you as a patient or user after that the healthcare professional, or other staff at your Medical Center, have registered you in the Medipal system. Once you’ve downloaded Medipal on your mobile phone, you can start answering questions. The questions will automatically come up on your phone when it’s time to respond. It is the healthcare professional or other authorized staff, who have decided what questions, and how often and when they want you to answer the questions. When you have finished replying, the answers are sent encrypted so that the healthcare professional or other staff can see your answers in clear graphs.

Your health status

The health care monitors your answers.

Thanks to your registrations, the healthcare professional or other authorized person can follow your answers through Medipal. You as a patient are also able to follow your results. Your answers appear in clear graphs, and when new response results are recorded, they are updated immediately. The graphs is a very practical tool for the health care at a return visit or telephone contact, or for example, for research.

Important to remember!

Det är viktigt att komma ihåg att om du blir akut sjuk, kraftigt försämrad eller mår dåligt måste du själv ta kontakt med sjukvården!


What help do I get from Medipal?

Increases understanding

Increases your understanding of how your illness, injury or problem is affected by your lifestyle. You see the connection between your treatment and its effects much quicker.

Increased participation

Increases your participation in the care process as you can follow your treatment in real time. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always answer from a distance.

Increased motivation

Your motivation to follow your treatment increases, as for example medication, as both you and the healthcare will see faster results.

Simple documentation

You do not need to document your treatment via a paper form or a computer. You can respond quickly to your questions in MedipalApp in your own mobile phone.

Triggering new behaviour

Medipal can help you trigger a new behaviour, because you can quickly and easily see from the results about what’s right for you.

Answer in your own language

Medipal is adapted to allow patients, participants or users, who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue, to respond in their own language, if the questions are translated.

Your loved ones

Medipal for relatives

Medipal can be a valuable support for relatives of the elderly or of children to increase security in their everyday life. A relative who regularly helps, for example, a family member to respond, get a clearer picture of the situation and the health care can continuously continue to follow the patient. Qualified healthcare professionals can use the responses to follow up with, for example, a telephone contact or a return visit.